With the new wave of coffee came the art of foam, which has come to be called the art of latte or coffee with milk. Baristas try to add more value and personalization to their infusions, distinguishing themselves from other professionals in the sector.They succeed, but at the cost of investing huge amounts of time.

This art is not limited to coffees, any sparkling drink can be decorated. This is the case of cocktails. In cocktail bars, the use of food coloring is the order of the day,although it is also possible to use the mechanical processes widely used in the latte.

If creating artistic pancakes using 3D food printers was already a possibility, why wouldn't we automate latte art?

Si la creación de tortitas artísticas mediante impresoras 3D de alimentos ya era una posibilidad, ¿por qué no íbamos a automatizar el arte del latte?
This is what the company proposed Ripplesappeared in 2015 and specialized in the creation of auxiliary machines for restoration. Thus, your Ripple Maker, which is called the automated tool specialized in latte art, will join other quirky, but not useless, appliances that have appeared in the past, such as the PancakeBot.

The creators of Ripples claim that the device boasts unprecedented speed, so that the main disadvantage of latte art will be eradicated thanks to restoration robotics..

The indiscriminate use of drawings on foam opens the door to a world of possibilities based on product customization. We should not only think about the possibilities of differentiation offered by the artistic resources in the presentation of the food, we must weigh what other options exist since the precision of Ripple Maker allows to write on the foam. Thank the customer for the consumption? Boost sales with special offers? Receive incentives by reinforcing the brand image of a product? ...

The technology is young, and the renowned inventiveness of the restorer has not yet paid off, so the known applications, apart from the obvious ones, are still few. Yes OK, owners are already using this robotics solution for restoration..

At the Hilton London Tower Bridge (United Kingdom), the cocktail service draws customers' attention with that special touch of foam art. Customers love it. So much so that Kia Illulian reports a 5000% increase in the number of orders requesting latte art at Carrera Café, her business in Los Angeles, California. And similar experiences take place in those establishments where they dare to try the benefits of Ripple Maker: Hawaii, Oregon, Tel Aviv ...

Los creadores de Ripples aseguran que el dispositivo hace gala de una rapidez inaudita, de forma que la principal desventaja del arte en latte será erradicada gracias a la robótica para restauración.
We would not be surprised if this system would soon reach large chains such as Starbucks, given its potential to attract customers and personalize the product, Can you imagine that the next coffee, your name was written on the coffee foam instead of on the cardboard cup?