Robotics and the reconversion of the sector

Traditional restoration expresses more doubts about the future and is very sensitive to possible changes in the economic situation. The complaint of all evil is historical in our society and almost exclusive to traditional restoration, but the rest of the threat is legal and logical, traditional restoration and management models that have not been updated feel weak and vulnerable to changes. .

The economic crisis of 2008 and following left many dead on the road and many other businesses very affected. Many of these weakened businesses continue, a decade later without converting and fearful that another crisis will give them the lace.

In this decade we will undertake (we're already working on it) the largest RECONVERSION in the industry in decades. 487 / 5000 Resultados de traducción A reconversion as obvious as it is necessary. Customers are no longer the same, they do not consume the same and do not want the same, gastronomy has expanded its range with very different concepts and cultures, the digital relationship with food and leisure is a must, consumption outside the home (or product cooked by someone else) has become widespread as a life habit, employees behave differently and have new expectations, fraud is no longer so profitable or is under suspicion….

In this prodigious decade we are witnessing the emergence of robots as a workforce. Now it is no longer a project for the future, now they are at fairs and events, they can be bought and there are already many advertisements for restaurants, chains, hotels, etc. that incorporate them in a part or in all their production and service process. All management processes are being digitized by leaps and bounds.

Digitization is no longer something that experts publish in newspaper articles as a necessity, if not a daily habit of those who have not yet done so. More and more 100% digitized hospitality businesses are opening since its inauguration. Robots are already part of this.

The robots are going to take care of repetitive tasks,heavy and without added value and will reduce the pressure of restaurateurs to recruit staff, focusing the need on the most professionalized staff. They will give them prestige to work in the sector, since the remuneration will be improved and the new jobs will be of added value.

What do robots have to do with the reconversion that the sector is going to undergo? EVERYTHING, they will be one of the channels of the processsince they will revolutionize the processes, efficiency (and benefit) of the first adopters and will drag the sector to change processes and concepts.

There will always be a place, a very large place for restoration and traditional gastronomy -not only the most classic concepts have survival and management problems-, but All businesses that do not modernize their internal structure and update their positioning may be left out of the reconversion.

The robotic,, In a broad sense, it will give the final push to reconvert all the survivors of the debacle of the previous crisis ... or to fall if they do not.