Fight against food waste

It is a blatant insult that every year they are thrown away 320 million meals in perfect condition in UK restaurants;In other words, 900,000 meals a day, enough to feed 300,000 people with all guarantees. Something that has been openly denounced by the directive responsible for the app mobile Too Good To Go.

Too Good To Go is an emerging company whose goal is reduce the amount of food wasted in catering establishments in Europe.They are currently present in nine countries (Denmark, Norway, Holland, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain), where they are debating to fulfill their fundamental mission to equate the food produced with the food consumed.

For this they use the app eponymous mobile already mentioned, which serves as trading platform for collaborating restaurants.In it, locals can offer the leftover food that they have not been able to sell at the end of the day at discounted or hyper-reduced prices (symbolic prices in most cases).

In this way two birds are killed with one stone. On the one hand, the amount of wasted food is reduced, which has a positive effect on the environment through consumption de-escalation (or in this case, rather production de-escalation),and people and households at risk of social exclusion for economic reasons are helped to have tasty and nutritious food at a very low price.

Too Good To Go is having great success in the region. At this time, 15,000 catering and food establishments have become partners, including hotel lounges, restaurant chains, organized restaurant franchises and, above all, small local establishments that boast a strong social commitment to their communities. On the whole they have managed to save 10 million meals and have 7.5 million registered users..

Now Too Good to Go is available in Spain.His arrival has been recent, being present in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Salamanca. Currently there are still few establishments where the application can be used, however in just one month of operation in our territory it has gathered 90,000 users..