How to wash fruits and vegetables to be safe?


First of all, you have to handwashingand although it has sometimes been said that 20 seconds are enough, nowadays a good one minute hand wash is recommended, preferably with warm water.

Must wash fruits and vegetables, even if they are to be peeled laterThere may be dirt and bacteria on its surface that, if not removed, will contaminate the knife.

Fruits and vegetables that have a hard skin or shell or that have been underground, should wash them with the help of a specific brush.

Once clean, they should be dry well with kitchen paper (now there are reusable options).

The fruits and vegetables that are going to be consumed unpeeled (strawberries, apples, plums, zucchini, cucumber, etc.), as well as the vegetables that are going to be eaten raw (lettuce, spinach ...), should be washed by immersing them during five minutes in a solution of water and bleach ‘suitable for the disinfection of drinking water",at a rate of 3 liters of water and a dessert teaspoon of bleach (4.5 ml).

The fresh aromatic herbsas well as the sprouts of seeds or sprouts,also they must be washed..