What is Trash cooking?

It could be translated as the use of those parts or foods that were normally discarded to make new gastronomic proposals.Is about take advantage of food like offal, parts of meat that are not normally used and  stems or vegetable trimmings, with which to prepare new dishes to include them in our menu.

Renowned chefs such as Ferran Adrià or Ángel León practice this technique in their kitchens and prepare innovative dishes with this type of food.

How to implement trash cooking in my restaurant?

It is important that the chef uses the product wisely and tries to get the most out of it. Not only offal, but also foods such as the skin of vegetables (zucchini for example) or potatoes - cut and fried in abundant olive oil- they can serve as a garnish on some dishes.


How to make trash cooking work in my restaurant? 

The secret is to innovate with these ingredients and try to make a dish that satisfies the palate of our customers.All this without forgetting one of the keys to its success: greater savings.