If you want to learn and get good recommendations on food and health, you have to read "Small changes to eat better", a free guide with good tips for eating the whole family.
The guide 'Small changes to eat better' is an interesting read from beginning to end, it mentions what the right to food is, it talks about what it is to eat, what is a healthy diet, what the Mediterranean diet comprises, what are the Goals of sustainable development of the United Nations and, among other things, explains that the Health Plan of the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, has the objective of: Reduce excess weight in the child population, increase the number of people who follow Mediterranean diet recommendations and reduce the frequent consumption of ultra-processed products.
We recommend you download and read the Guide for small changes to eat better through this link

(Pdf), surely you will learn many things about healthy eating, and keep in mind that making changes gradually will be more efficient and lasting than making drastic changes in diet and lifestyle, both individually and in the family. . And do not forget to share this didactic guide so that good information reaches a greater number of people